The new scientific research of the Malaysia "King of Bruise", [Neck Me Kang Tea] creates miracles, old lumbar protrusion, cervical spondylosis, no longer taking medicine and no ointment, it only takes 7 days from "half paralysis" to freedom of movement

The new scientific research of the Malaysia "King of Bruise", [Neck Me Kang Tea] creates miracles, old lumbar protrusion, cervical spondylosis, no longer taking medicine and no ointment, it only takes 7 days from "half paralysis" to freedom of movement

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There is such a person in Malaysia-known as the "King of Bruise"

He is a household name-Liang Runhong

Chris Leong, a well-known Malaysian bruise physician, is famous internationally. In addition to treating Malaysians, half of his patients are foreigners! Dr. Liang specializes in orthopedic treatment of fractures, sports injuries, and joint dislocations. One of his specialties is the treatment of "fifty shoulders." "Fifty Shoulders" can be cured in just one minute.

Many famous stars also come to Teacher Liang

It is common for celebrities to work up at night, and life is turned upside down day and night for a long time. Therefore, many celebrities are looking for famous doctors  in order to keep the "secondary verses"; However, there are many famous doctors in the market, it is difficult to look for a truly brilliant medical expert.

Many celebrities, such as Zhou Runfa, Zhong Chuhong, Hong Zhiwei, Zeng Zhiwei, Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi, etc., They have always had their own well-known doctors for health care. In this issue, our magazine provides readers with unannounced visits to these celebrity doctors, revealing their magical unique treatments.

According to [New Tomorrow Daily], Liang Runjiang, a 41-year-old traditional Chinese medicine doctor is from Kuala Lumpur. His grandparents and parents are all Chinese medicine doctors and he is the third generation heir. He said that he started learning from his parents at the age of 7, and he treated the patient for the first time at the age of 12.


Dr. Liang said: "Fifty shoulders" treatment includes five aspects, namely bones, tendons, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. The dislocation is adjusted by maneuvers. In general, try not to move it for two weeks after treatment. If there is not any discomfort, there is no need to further consultation again.

According to hundreds of patients of Dr. Liang, some patients will continue to come the next day if they don’t get treatment on the first day. There are thousands of patients in one week. Now, because Dr. Liang’s grandparents are both Chinese medicine practitioners, and he has a certain knowledge and proficiency in Chinese medicine. In order to get more patients to receive good treatment, Dr. Liang Runhong spent 5 days to configure the tea bags which is named [Neck Me Kang], allowing patients to be cured without medication, plasters and surgery.

Dr. Liang said: Patients can soak two cups a day, 300cc hot water half an hour after breakfast and dinner.

No injection, no medicine, no massage paste, no laser electrotherapy surgery, just drink one packet of herbal formula every day[Neck Me Kang Tea]


Pain relief within 30 minutes, get rid of soreness, stiffness and numbness in 3 days, 7 days for running and jumping freely, two to three months, all kinds of lumbar protrusion and cervical spondylopathy were fully recovered, and it was painless and noninvasive.

1. Massage knee pads are not effective. 70-year-old Ms. Jiang say goodbye to her knee pain and back pain after taking [Neck Yaokang Tea]. Ms. Jiang hopes that through this tea, more people who suffer from the same pain can get cured!

2.Ms. Zhang felt more powerful than before. She used to need the support to stand up, but now she can stand up and walk immediately without the support.

This feedback video was filmed with Ms. Zhang’s consent. Ms. Zhang had already taken nearly three courses of treatment at the time of filming.

3.Mr. Yin has been suffering from joint problems for 22 years. After taking [Neck Me Kang Tea], he has improved significantly, especially his finger joints, which were not straight before. Now he can move quickly, and feedback video is filmed with Mr. Yin’s consent.

4. Corrinne had knee pain and was unable to walk, sit long, and stand long. I had to sit down for walking 15-30 minutes. I have seen Western medicine and Chinese medicine many times but they are not effective. Now after drinking [Neck Me Kang Tea], I can walk for more than an hour without pain. With the customer’s consent, the clerk took this video to share with you.

So why a lot of lumbar processes and cervical spondylosis stubborn diseases can't be cured by taking western medicine, putting on plasters desperately, or even surgery, just a small set of [Neck Mo Kang Tea] can cure it without one injection and one medicine?

Bone therapy experts often say:

Treatment of lumbar protrusion and cervical spondylopathy is easy to relieve pain but difficult to repair bones. It means that it is easy to make the lumbar and cervical spine painless by taking some Tianma pills, but it is difficult for the torn fibrous ring growing back. The biggest difficulty in the treatment of lumbar and cervical spondylosis is that the location of the disease is deep, but there are no blood vessels.

Even the best western medicines, plasters, and injections, no matter how expensive and powerful they are, without the transportation channel of "blood vessels", they can only watch the fire from the shore and cannot enter the lesion treatment. They can only eliminate surface bruises or relieve pain by paralyzing the nerves.

Now I understand that if we still use conventional methods such as medication, plastering, and massage to treat lumbar protrusion in a muddle, it may not be cured for a lifetime.


It is said that a long-term illness becomes a cure, and what is going on with lumbar protrusion, I believe that the old lumbar protrusion is clear! Bluntly, it is caused by the fibrous annulus of the lumbar spine splitting, and the nucleus pulposus inside it appears to oppress the surrounding nerves and tissues.


Just like this egg white and egg yolk liquid, the egg white cracks and the egg yolk flows out, oppressing the nerves and forming a lumbar protrusion!


Therefore, in order to recover from the lumbar process, the protruding nucleus pulposus must be retracted into the annulus fibrosus, and then the split annulus fibrosus must grow well. However, the treatment is difficult because the lumbar spine cartilage has no blood vessels, and the position is deep. The medicine cannot enter, and massage and ordinary physical therapy can not touch the lesion. Therefore, conventional methods can only act on the superficial layer of the muscle, and cannot cure the root cause.


Even if the protrusion is removed by surgery and the damaged annulus is still there, the nucleus pulposus will emerge at any time. Sneeze, cough, stoop fiercely, and sleep in the wrong position... all may make you get sick.

Liang Runjiang, a bone orthopedic doctor who is known as the "Rebirth Huatuo"-Dato Seri Chris Leong, as a health brand ambassador, appeared on the 14th  the GINTELL with you Plaza promotion event, and promoted Neck Me Kang Tea to solve various body pains, the exquisite medical skills amazed the attendees.

Liang Runjiang claimed to solve it completely in 3 steps! ! !

The treatment method is very simple. The first step: take a cup every day after dinner. Within half an hour, various drugs in [Neck Me Kang Tea] will spread through the nerves and very few blood vessels to penetrate the entire spine and abdominal pelvic cavity, and penetrate the bones. It will reduce swelling, remove cold and damp toxins.

Step 2:[Neck Me Kang Tea] After being in the body for a day, it can eliminate inflammation and sterilization, remove the therapeutic factors, eliminate nucleus pulposus edema, and use its own special Chinese medicine ingredients to automatically return the nucleus pulposus to the annulus fibrosus;

The third step:the last treatment for about three months, [Neck Me Kang Tea] can activate the regeneration of damaged cells and enhance the cell activity of bones. The repairing power can repair the damaged parts of the fibrous ring and fully nurture the bones. Lumbar and cervical spondylosis recovered from the root cause.

With [Neck Me Kang Tea], patients do not need to go to hospital. Drink [Neck Me Kang Tea] today, the pain will disappear tomorrow, there will be no soreness for 3 days, freedom of action in 7 days, and a full recovery in 2-3 months.

Now, in the [Neck Me Kang Tea] Promotion Center, patients' handwritten thank-you letters and custom-made pennants are lined up like a mountain. Everyone regains the joy of health and makes every [Neck Me Kang Tea] customer service staff feel the same.

[Neck Me Kang Tea] No matter the batch number, production qualification, and promotion qualification are all audited and approved by relevant national departments, and has a reputation in people.

Now it has successfully passed the rigorous examination of the United States, Germany, and Russia, and has been approved for registration of six major trademarks.

They, they, are all expected to stand up again

★Many people are too painful to move before drinking [Neck Me Kang Tea]. After drinking [Neck Me Kang Tea] in half an hour, they can get up quickly and walk in strides.

★Some people can’t bend their waists before, after drinking [Neck Mo Kang Tea] for two or three days, they can bend over, squat, lift shoes, and wipe the floor easily;

★Some people are struggling to lie down and turn over, drink [Neck Me Kang Tea] for three or five days, get up and walk in 3 seconds;

★Even many old patients who have been sick for 20 to 30 years, as long as the prominence has not reached the level of "slippage", after drinking [Neck Me Kang Tea], the pain and numbness will disappear easily within one week; 2-3 months, The nucleus pulposus is reintroduced, the nerve compression is relieved, and the annulus fibrosis grows again, saving hundreds of thousands of yuan, avoiding a knife, and no longer suffering from repeated illness.

Dr. Liang is very active on his Facebook page, and netizens leave messages asking when he will come to treat them! And the patients are from different countries!

But with [Neck Me Kang], from now on it is more easy.

Now we publicly promise: take 7 consecutive days, the effect is not satisfactory, a full refund!

[Neck Me Kang Tea] sales purpose is:

Don't let any user waste money.

Even if it is used by 1,000 people and 999 people recover, [Neck Me Kang Tea] will be responsible for the rest one. To this end, in the after-sales service of the product, in addition to the strict implementation of the after-sales service regulations, we officially promised to the whole society: from the date of receipt, after taking it for 7 consecutive days, if the effect is not satisfied, we offer a full refund!

If you or your family suffers from various lumbar processes and cervical spondylopathy, please try [Neck Me Kang Tea], this will be your best chance to recover from lumbar and spondylopathy


【Neck Me Kang Tea】Taiwan promotion event, limited time and limit of 500 boxes

Original price RM 379 a box

Current promotion price


One course of 1 box RM: 169  [pain relief]

Two courses of 2 boxes RM: 259 [no sour]

Three courses of 3 boxes RM: 269 [Free movement and full recovery]

his product has 30 packets per box

Can be taken for one month

It is recommended taking it after dinner, just soak a bag of 200cc

If you want better effect, you need to take it usually

Normal people can also strengthen bones

Older patients with lumbar protrusion and cervical spondylopathy, what are you waiting for?