The gospel of sugar friends all over the world——(Sugar Friends Tea)~Reverse the fate of hundreds of millions of diabetic patients, get rid of insulin on the day of drinking, and stabilize blood sugar at 5.0 in 7 days~~

The gospel of sugar friends all over the world——(Sugar Friends Tea)~Reverse the fate of hundreds of millions of diabetic patients, get rid of insulin on the day of drinking, and stabilize blood sugar at 5.0 in 7 days~~

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More than 80,000,000+ diabetic patients in more than 30 countries and regions around the world are drinking this tea, they all say it has good effects and make you  recover fast!

↡Is it so magical? ? Today I will bring you the story behind this unknown-sugar-reducing amazing tea (Sugar Friends Tea)! ↡

It happened to my mother. My 74-year-old mother has diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol for more than 20 years. She has taken medication regularly every day, and her blood sugar is still high at 14-19, which does not improve. She was admitted to the hospital last year due to vomiting. A few days before she was admitted to the hospital, I found that my mother’s feet were swollen, as if she had been burned. After entering the hospital, I learned that my mother's feet had worsened due to diabetes infection and must be operated to remove the concentrated water. If it worsens after the operation, it will have to be amputated! For the sake of mother's life safety, we had no choice but to agree to an operation!

After the operation, my mother has been living in the hospital for more than a month. The wound after the operation has not improved. The hospitalization time is day after day. Even if the wound is not healed, the hospital can no longer take in my mother. My mom can only leave the hospital home with her tired body and wounds. (You can imagine how hard it is that the wound does not get better every day)

Until a week after being discharged from the hospital, my neighbor barber and aunt came to help my mother get a haircut. When she saw the wound on her mother's foot, she introduced Dr. Hong Wende to my mother and said that his (Sugar Friends Tea) is very effective for diabetes and complications, and that I was also there at the time. After Dr. Hong Wende patiently explained the effects of Sugar Friends Tea and how to take it, I was wondering whether these humble tea bags can cure my mother's diabetes complications? Even the attending doctor said, "There is no medicine for diabetes. You have to take medicine and insulin every day. Besides, Besides, there are wounds, and the life span of amputation is shorter!"


But at the moment when there is no way, I still choose to trust Dr. Hong Wende's Sugar Friends Tea. Dr. Hong Wende assured me: As long as my mother can insist on drinking one bag every day after meals, my mother will be fully recovered within two months!

After drinking (Sugar Friends Tea) for just a week, I went home and saw the wound on my mother's foot improved. At this time, I have more confidence in Dr. Hong Wende's tea, and let my mother continue to use it with confidence.

Drinking (Sugar Friends Tea) for a week, blood sugar drops to 10.1, blood pressure also drops 

On the 16th day of drinking, my mother's blood glucose had dropped to 8.1, and her blood pressure dropped to 127/78that morning, and my mother's look and bad feet began to improve, and there was no need to take western medicine for diabetes.

On the 35th day of drinking, Dr. Hong visited my mother at home. The wound on her foot has recovered 95%,and her blood sugar has reached a normal healthy level of 6.2.

When two months later, Dr. Hong came to visit my mother again. Her wounds have been completely healed and all her body problems have all disappeared.She has stopped taking western medicine for 40 days and her blood sugar index is still stable.

Here I am very grateful to Dr. Hong for his (Sugar Friends Tea). In just two months, my mother's diabetes and foot wounds were completely cured. Without Dr. Hong's tea, I believe that my mother’s wound will be very bad and serious, and I may even lose my favorite mother.

These are the records of Dr. Hong coming to visit my mother

Today I share my mother's experience in order to let more people know about Sugar Friends Tea; so that more people can use it to cure diabetes just like my mother. As long as you believe (Sugar Friends Tea), there must be hope of life!

▼A magical tea bag for the benefit of the people▼

He/They have all recovered ↓

Diabetes history for more than 10 years, blurred vision, edema of both lower extremities for 1 year

Fully recovered after 43 days of drinking Sugar Friends Tea

Aimi was diagnosed as "diabetes" due to nausea and vomiting in the hospital. She was originally treated with oral hypoglycemic drugs irregularly and did not monitor blood sugar. Later, blurred vision, edema, and increased blood pressure began to appear, up to 210/150mmHg. Urine examination routine: PRO3+, BLD-, urinary protein 3+~4+, receiving medications such as hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, hypolipidemic, diuretic, etc., the effect is not obvious. For this reason, she have always been plagued by diseases. In order to seek further diagnosis and treatment, she went to many large hospitals, but the condition did not show any improvement. Until she started drinking Dr. Hong's (Sugar Friends Tea) under the introduction of a friend, she felt very good mentally on the first day of drinking. After a week, her vision began to become clearer and 15 days later, lower limb edema was obviously subsided, she have been taking it for 43 days now, and her blood sugar has changed from 26.3 to 5.7 now. The hypoglycemic drugs are threw away, the disease is gone, and the complications gradually disappeared. The only way to know it effect is to eat it~

Diabetic nephropathy for 8 years, sleepiness, fatigue, fear of cold, numbness of hands and feet, backache, palpitation, chest tightness

Drinking Sugar Friends Tea for 63 days, cure the incurable disease of urinary disease and nephropathy

Moon; 55 years old. It has been 8 years since suffering from diabetic nephropathy. Since 2 years ago, protein appeared in the urine. Treatment in many hospitals has no effect. His main symptoms are: sleepiness, fatigue, fear of cold, hands and feet Numbness, backache, palpitation and chest tightness after a little movement. Laboratory tests: urine protein (3+), urine sugar (2+), serum albumin 25.8g/L, blood creatinine 191umI/L. He was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy. This year, after Moon’s daughter learned about the magical effects of (Sugar Friends Tea) on fb, she bought three boxes for her father to try. After drinking (Sugar Friends Tea) for 7 days, the patient’s palpitation, chest tightness and other symptoms disappeared, and other symptoms significantly relieved; at 12 days, all symptoms such as cold fear, drowsiness, numbness in hands and feet were eliminated; after 28 days of drinking, the patient no longer needed insulin injections; laboratory tests: urine protein (+), 24-hour urine protein quantitative determination was 0.21 g, serum albumin 37g/L, other laboratory instructions are normal!

▽ Can be called ▽

The Barefoot Doctor in Malaysia is him

He is also the cross-border physician who benefits the people

(Sugar Friends Tea Developer-Dr. Hong Wende)

He... The grades in elementary school and middle school are full of red. In middle school, he often fights with his classmates. It is common to be whipped by the principal. He started his own business at the age of 24 and earned his first pot of gold in his 30s. He drives famous cars, wears famous brands, and becomes active in clubs. At the age of 42, a successful businessman went to Peking University as a Taekwondo Taoist instructor. At the age of 49, he took a further study. At the age of 51, he took a degree in software engineer. At the age of 51, he was burnt due to stocks and had to close his business. At the same time, he was an assistant teacher at Northern University at the age of 51, and become the only software engineering application lecturer at Peking University. At the age of 53 he became a guest lecturer under the authority of the internationally renowned IEEE; at the age of 56 he studied again and obtained a master's degree in information technology from Peking University; at the age of 58, he became the first batch of scholars in the history of my country to study industrial doctoral students and a master of software programming.

————He is Hong Wende!

When he was studying computer software courses, the government sponsored and asked him to research software related to diabetes. In the process of researching diabetes software, he learned: According to statistics from the International Diabetes Federation (There are currently 463 million people with diabetes in the world)

The number of people dying of diabetes is increasing day by day, especially the complications are even more miserable! To live is no better than to die!

Do you also suffer from these illnesses? ?

Even the medicines in the medical profession cannot help patients get rid of diabetes and complications. Therefore, Dr. Hong Wende, with the belief that he is curious and wants to save diabetes patients, develops natural herbs that can cure diabetes. Unexpectedly, the people who worked hard finally got the rewards. In 2006, he successfully researched a natural plant formula, which not only helps diabetic patients recover from various complications, but also effectively reduces blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids/even [Sugar Friends Tea] that effectively removes liver fat and achieves the effect of weight loss.

In order to study (Sugar Friends Tea), he worked hard and was indomitable. Others gave up. He still did not give up. This is why he has today's achievement. Also, he was awarded the Sun Yat-sen Spiritual Award for Personal Excellence for his indomitable spirit. Not only the affirmation of Sugar Friends Tea, but also his recognition!

One trophy, two recognitions

Malaysia magical Tea——Sugar Friends Tea, an international product

Many rave reviews from diabetics

Just use it, fight sugar/beat sugar/rest assured to eat sweets

It is recognized by the Society of Physicians / recognized by the People / and has safety certification

As a herbal medicinal tea, there is no need to conduct clinical trials, but it actively requires strict requirements. It has passed the highest level of review and research. It is the only diabetes medicinal tea that has passed clinical trials in many countries around the world. Proved its: effectiveness and safety.

Every ingredient has been strictly tested

Authoritative analysis   Why is diabetes not cured for a long time?

Normal people's blood sugar can be converted into energy, which is needed by the human body, so that people can live healthily. However, due to disorders of the muscle endocrine system and nervous system, the insulin receptors of diabetic patients lose the ability to convert sugar into energy. High blood sugar happened.

For many diabetics, the mention of blood sugar feels like a deadly enemy. They worry about the increase in blood sugar every day. They can't wait to do everything possible to drive the sugar out of the body. This is the case with all kinds of hypoglycemic drugs. The blood sugar drops, but the energy in the body of diabetic patients is also gone. In fact, once they leave the sugar, not only will the diabetic patient not get better, but the body will get worse, and the stamina will get worse and worse. Immunity plummets, unable to withstand the invasion of external pathogens, complications are accelerating, and even life-threatening!

So blindly using hypoglycemic drugs and injecting insulin can be only at cross purpose

Other people reduce sugar (Sugar Friends Tea) melt sugar, restore instinct and remove complications

Hong Wende discovered in medical research that there is no so-called hypoglycemic function in the human body, only sugar-melting function! The reason why a very healthy person eats and drinks without being afraid of high blood sugar is that he can resolve blood sugar into energy and then use it! Obviously, the blood sugar of healthy people is not lowered, but melted away! Only by restoring the human instinct of sugar can truly ensure that the blood sugar is stable and does not rebound, and prevent various complications! And (Sugar Friends Tea) is to catch this point!

❶Resolve blood sugar

(Sugar Friends Tea) uses herbs with the highest sugar-containing efficiency today. The exclusive active ingredients can deeply restore the body's instinct to resolve blood sugar, so that people with diabetes can metabolize blood sugar naturally like healthy people, and can quickly restore the body's various functions and improve disease resistance.

❷Clean up sugar dirt

(Sugar Friends Tea) The "melt-carbohydrase" which is used to counteract sugar scum is extracted from the unique herbaceous plant. As soon as the "melt-carbohydrase" enters the blood circulation, it can actively search for sugar scum formed by long-term high blood sugar, and dissolve the core fibrous tissue of sugar scum, so as to remove sugar scum and open up blocked blood vessels, thereby alleviating and reversing complications.

❸Repair the pancreas

The unique ingredients of this product can prevent part of the sugar from being absorbed into the blood and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, thereby effectively reducing postprandial blood sugar and preventing the formation of new sugar scale; in this way, the human body can regenerate pancreatic beta cells, thereby repairing the pancreas, and promoting the secretion of ornithin/restoring normal blood glucose metabolism in the human body.


❹ Purify the blood

The herbal plant of this product can effectively reduce the blood lipids and blood fibrin levels in the blood, thereby reducing blood viscosity, dissolving the sticky blood trapped in the blood vessels, flowing smoothly, purifying the blood, protecting the blood vessels from damage, and really achieve thorough sugar removal and recovery, so the complications will not recur~

It is recommended to take it for a long time to recover from systemic diseases, whether it is dialysis patients or patients with liver and intestinal diseases can drink directly!


Research (Sugar Friends Tea) successfully, but do not forget the original intention, reject commercial monopoly and favor patients


Dr. Hong Wende said: A businessman once offered to buy and buy out his (Sugar Friends Tea) formula at a high price, but he refused. Because he does not want to be monopolized by commercialization, the price of (Sugar Friends Tea) will be increased by 5 or 6 times and become expensive, so that few people can use his (Sugar Friends Tea).

Lowest price/best effect

As for the effect, I dare to say that the treatment is free until you recover. It is the first promotion on the Internet today. It has benefited thousands of people and should not be missed!


1 box trial set RM: 189

One course of 2 boxes RM: 259(clear sugar and detoxification)

Two courses of 3 boxes RM: 279  (restore the pancreas)

Three courses of 5 boxes RM: 289 (completely recover from diabetes, lose weight and eliminate fat, bid farewell to all complications)

Note: Three courses of treatment are the best results

Taking method: brew 1-2 bag after dinner every day, the concentration can be adjusted at will, and the brewing can be repeated

⊗Are you still taking a lot of hypoglycemic drugs? The liver and kidneys are damaged, the blood sugar is still high and low?

⊗Did you not spend less money for medicine and injections, but the complications are still coming, and you are sick from head to toe, not to mention your own suffering, but also get our family members into trouble y?

⊗Do you dare not to eat, dare not drink, and spend your time thinking about lowering blood sugar every day, one day seems like a year?

Quickly use sugar friends tea, a small cup a day, healthy for a lifetime!